The emulsions are a class of dispersed systems consisting of two immiscible liquids. The protective active liquid can be an oil, a liquid hybrid resin or a reactive pre-polymer, while water is the second phase that acts as a dispersion medium.
The polymers in aqueous dispersion they consist of a solid polymer which is synthesized dispersed in water, a polymerization medium. 
The water-based finishes have a generally neutral aesthetic effect and in some cases allow you to maintain the original appearance
almost untreated wood. The water-based products therefore have a “ natural effect ” based not on the substance but often on the final aesthetic aspect.

Photo-crosslinking oil-based systems
Speed and high-tech performance
Parquet protection with UV-UV LED technologies installed on a line or on a mobile trolley.

UV TECH are hybrid systems obtained from oils of vegetal origin and suitable
for crosslinking with UV and UV-LED lamps. The guiding principle is to allow the
realization of protective treatments in a very short time.

A choice of values
The ECOLIFE finishes represent a choice of “natural” in substance.
The precious content of oil of vegetal origin guarantees the essence of the natural and enriches and enhances the grain.

BormaPRO oil-based products have been studied and developed according to a biomimicry principle, with the aim of regenerating
the resinous component of wood: lignin. Conceived to “ nourish ” wood.
The raw materials of renewable vegetable origin are suitably modified and formulated to penetrate deeply and afterwards hardening by oxide polymerization recreate a reticulated resinous structure, similar to the original lignin.

PROTECH line comprises organic solvent-based materials for the treatment of wooden surfaces, that for decades have been the backbone of wood varnishing industry and still occupy the largest share of the market despite rapid developments in other sectors.
Regardless of the bright future of water- and oil-based solutions, the technological evolution of organic solvents may have a second wind.
Some of the trends that lower the environmental and health impact of traditional varnishing industry without altering the performance are the following.
The use of low-VOC solvents, and high solid content formulations directly reduces the adverse effects on the environment and human health.
New bio-renewable polymers and carbon-neutral manufacturing are another frontier for solvent-based varnishes.

Colorsystem is a system designed to work with both Borma Wachs products ® and BormaPRO, suitable for the autonomous formulation of colors in an accurate and fast way.
A complete range of solutions to ensure maximum management flexibility and optimize warehouse stocks.



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