Photo-crosslinking oil-based systems
Fast and high-tech performance
Parquet protection with UV-LED technologies, whether stationary, part of production line, or mobile trolley-mounted.

Added value

UVTECH Oils are hybrid systems obtained from oils of vegetable origin and suitable for crosslinking with UV-LED lamps. The guiding principles are to allow the realization of protective treatments in a very short time, to increase to the maximum the content of renewable raw materials and to guarantee extraordinary resistance performance of the parquet surface. UVTECH Oil is the new industry standard for curing and drying processes, due to its efficiency, energy saving potential, high performance and long service life.
UVTECH Oil cross-links in a few seconds when exposed to UV light (wavelength 280/400 nm) both in industrial plants and under mobile equipment on site.
The actual advantages in terms of sustainability and hybrid technology performance of Borma represent an indispensable innovation for manufacturers of pre-finished products and for parquet applicators. Today it is possible to easily implement BIOFAST OIL UV-LED systems capable of guaranteeing constant quality, increased production efficiency and optimizing paint consumption.
Eco-friendly formulations VOC FREE Zero Emissions
The ultraviolet irradiation of the wooden surface treated with UVTECH Oil creates a radical type polymerization reaction, in which a photon of light coming from the irradiation of the lamps, reacts with the photoinitiator which, by splitting, forms an extremely reactive free radical: this, by binding to the precursors of the mixture of vegetable oils, modified oils and oligomers, forms another radical which initiates the reaction. Subsequently, the propagation process starts, during which the oil polymerizes quickly until all the precursors are consumed, ending the reaction.
New UV-LED application technologies
UVTECH Oil systems can be used both in automatic in-line machines and on site with the help of mobile equipment. The Borma product range covers all the needs of different systems and equipment starting from the first coat application operation till the drying oven.
As the important market for UV crosslinking, the UV-LED process has developed surprisingly fast since its first debut, constantly growing in all international markets. With the increase of power and efficiency of UV-LED devices, their use has been extended to new processes. In the wood protection industry, UV / LED systems have established themselves in two segments, namely air-cooled low-power systems and water-cooled high-power systems.





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